Prepaid Cards from 7-11

7-11 convenient  stores have been in the prepaid business for sometime now. They offer pretty much every form of prepaid anything. From prepaid debit cards to prepaid phones, they have clearly been successful in this market.  Check out a blurb about prepaid debit cards taken right from,

You can’t make it rain with prepaid debit, but you can load it with cash, spend it everywhere and pretty much treat it just like cash. Plastic cash. Without a credit check or overdraft fees. Now that’s p-i-m-p.


7-eleven is clearly going after a certain market, with words like “pimp” and “make it rain,” it’s clear that they are aggressively targeting a certain market: The un-banked community.  In doing so 7-11 has given people what they want most, choices. They don’t offer just one type of prepaid debit card, they offer 7!

Over the next couple weeks I will be reviewing the pro’s and con’s of all seven prepaid cards offered by 7-11:

  1. Green Dot Express Bill Pay
  2. Green Dot MoneyPak
  3. Green Dot NASCAR Prepaid Visa
  4. Green Dot Online Shopping Visa
  5. Green Dot Prepagada
  6. Green Dot Prepaid Visa
  7. The Green Dot Student Visa

For the first review, of the Green Dot MoneyPak, click here.

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