BillMyParents SpendSmart Mastercard Review

If the name “Bill My Parents Spend Smart” doesn’t sound enticing enough, perhaps it’s features will do the job. The SpendSmart card is an awesome way to avoid overdraft fees and credit checks while acting just like a bank card. SpendSmart accommodates the needs of both teens and parents with features like these:

  • No sign up fee
  • No credit check or credit risk
  • 1st Month free (3.95 monthly)
  • ATM accessible
  • Protected funds
  • Zero overdraft or signature fees
  • Separate online account access

Control For Parents

Parents have access to a lot of great tools with this card. The guardian has the ability to load and lock the card 24/7. With SpendSmart parents even have the ability to set up recurring deposits and regularly monitor spending. Also, with permission, other family members are able to load the card with funds at any time too.

Freedom For Teens

For teens, this is a chance for a little financial independence. From choosing the card design to making purchases anywhere Mastercard is accepted, this prepaid is a small step to adulthood.  Teens will learn to budget funds, pay bills online, and learn responsible spending habits. Don’t be worried if you lose it either, it is easy to replace and your funds are protected.

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