FlexCard Ultimate Credit Building Prepaid Card Review :

The FlexCard is the Ultimate Credit Building Prepaid Visa Card. Do you have a poor credit history? It’s nothing to be ashamed of there are millions of American’s who have less than stellar credit ratings. Lenders are now looking harder than ever at credit scores, so it’s important for you top improve your score the best way you can. One way to improve your credit score is through using the Flex Card prepaid Visa to shop online, withdrawal money at ATM’s, secure a line of credit, and pay your bills online.

FlexCard Features

  • Instantly raise your credit score – you’re guaranteed approval for the Flex Card and it will instantly boost your credit rating. Keep using the card responsibly and you’ll be amazed at how high you score can get.
  • $1,500 Cash Today – If you need cash fast for an emergency, the FlexCard Program offers up to $1,500 that will be directly deposited into your account.
  • Build Your Credit Score – You can rebuild your credit score when you make bill payments using your Flex Card Visa. This can be your regular utility bills like cable, electric, cell phone, or water.
  • Free Direct Deposit – set up direct deposit in the Flex Card program and they will waive your monthly account fee each month.

Flex Card Credit Building Program Review

The FlexCard is part of a unique program designed to help people with less than perfect credit scores to regain financial stability. They offer a variety of financial products such as a $1,500 cash advance, free direct deposit, and an unsecure line of credit to every single card holder. With the unsecured line of credit you are able to spend up to $10,000 once you are approved. The Flex Card is not for students, teenagers, or kids. This card is designed for adults with full time jobs who need to rebuild their credit score in order to do things like apply for car loans or get a lower rate on their mortgage.

The benefits for the Flex Card program are great and you will really love being able to pay your bills for free, manage your money online, and rebuild your credit score. The Flex Card is safer than cash because of the Visa Zero Liability Policy and all of the funds on your card come with free FDIC insurance up to $250,000.