NetSpend Visa Prepaid Card Review :

The NetSpend Visa Prepaid Card is a type of  prepaid debit card aimed at those kind of people who do not want a credit card account, but want to pay their bills, go out to eat, and buy things with a card. Prepaid cards are a great option as they have low fees and do not charge things like overdraft fees or charges for late payments. Using a prepaid card you do not have to worry about ever going into debt because of it.

Net spend Visa Prepaid Features

  • Credit builder: The card has a credit builder option which enables you to build up your credit through responsible and regular use of the card. This can include monthly bill payments and deposits.
  • Online bill payment:  You can now pay your bills online for free, using your Net Spend Visa Card by just choosing the ‘bill pay’ feature. For more information visit the online bill pay help from Net Spend.
  • Online shopping: You can shop as much as you want within your account limit either online or at stores anywhere debit Visa card is accepted.
  • Visa Card Zero Liability: Prepaid card ownership is safer than carrying cash and even in case of theft or loss, the Visa zero liability coverage protects unauthorized usage of your card.
  • Direct deposit: You can access your money faster with direct deposit by depositing your pay cheques directly into your account.
  • Guaranteed approval: Net Spend Card does not require any kind of credit check or fees to obtain a Net Spend Visa Card. Any person who wants a prepaid card can just apply for it right here online


With a lot of companies coming up with new concepts using prepaid cards, Net Spend is still one of the most trusted brands in the entire industry. The Net Spend Visa card is very easy to reload and use at stores when you are out shopping. With the arrival of Net Spend prepaid cards, you can forget about the long lines at banks for basic transactions like withdrawal, deposit, fund transfer and so on. All these transactions can be performed within minutes, while sitting on your couch at home.

The NetSpend Corporation was also the first prepaid debit card company to cross one billion dollar mark in total prepaid card loads in a single month [source]. If their network can process over a billion dollars a month, you can surely trust them with your money. All the Net spend products are insured by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) making them safer and more secure than ever before. NetSpend has helped benefit over 7 million customers using this debit card for making purchases online, paying bills and shopping online since 1999.