Pex Visa Prepaid Card for Business Review :

The Pex Visa Prepaid Card is the best way to allow your employees to make purchases for your company. The Pex Card is a prepaid Visa card so that your employees can never spend more than the balance that you put on the card. This ensures complete safety and efficiency of your funds at all times. If an employee has a credit card, they would be able to make multiple purchases before reaching the limit. However, with a PEX Visa prepaid card they cannot do that and you completely limit your risk.

PEX Visa Card Features

24/7 Access – Pex offers a very simple and intuitive interface that allows you to manage your account just like a regular checking account. You can view all of the outstanding transactions, balances on the cards, transfer funds around, and suspend card use. This functionality makes it very simple and easy to ensure that your cash flow is running smoothly within your business.

Real Time controls – In business emergencies happen all of the time and it’s critical that your employees have the funds available to make purchases. With real time funding you can add funds to an account instantly to make purchases or block an account if something goes wrong. Being able to make these changes on the fly is critical to your businesses success.

Limited fees – If you sign up for the Pex Visa card now, you will not have to pay the monthly fee for two months. This is a great feature because it allows you to become acclimated with the entire system and begin to use it for your business. We always like to support companies that offer a trial of their product because typically they stand behind it more. There are also no transaction fees when your employee uses the card to make a purchase and there are no deposit fees

PEX Card Reviews

People are saying a lot of great things about the PEX Card and how it has benefited their businesses. Pex has multiple reviews on their website from a variety of different types of businesses. Jeff owns a national contracting company and says that it helps him save time and money by getting funds to his employees on the road. They also have a great Better Business Bureau rating of an A- and have not received any complaints within three years. That is excellent and here are some of the reasons why PEX is a great choice for your business.