Ready Debit Platinum Visa Review :

The Ready Debit Platinum Visa Prepaid Card is a prepaid debit card that offers simple and reasonable fee terms to its users. Designed to be just as effective as a regular debit card, users never have to worry about incurring large overdraft fees or penalties.


  • Online bill payment:  You can now pay your bills online for free using your Ready Debit Visa Card by just choosing the ‘bill pay’ feature. For more information, visit the online bill pay help from Ready debit.
  • Online shopping: You can shop as much as you want online or at stores; anywhere Visa debit cards are accepted.
  • Visa Card Zero Liability: Prepaid card ownership is safer than carrying cash. The Visa Card zero liability coverage [learn more] protects unauthorized usage of your card.
  • Direct deposit: You can access your money faster with direct deposit by depositing your pay check directly into your account.
  • Guaranteed approval: Ready Debit does not require any kind of credit check to be approved for the card.


The Ready Debit Platinum Visa was designed to give the cardholders the best deals in traditional banking, without needing a bank account. Ready Debit Platinum eliminates all those extra charges and allows the customer to enjoy the services and facilities of banking with no hassles. Ready Debit benefits you with free online payment, free online check writing, and access to over a million ATMs.