Upside Visa Prepaid Review :

The Upside Visa Prepaid Card is a prepaid debit card issued by Meta Bank, mainly designed for the age groups between 13-25 to help them mange and track their funds responsibly.


  • Credit builder: The card has a credit builder option, which enables you to build up your credit through responsible and regular use of the card. This can include monthly bill payments and deposits.
  • Online bill payment:  You can now pay your bills online for free using your Upside Visa Card by just choosing the ‘click n pay’ feature. For more information, visit the online bill pay help from Upside.
  • Online shopping: You can shop as much as you want within your account limit online, or at stores, anywhere Visa debit cards are accepted.
  • Visa Card Zero Liability: Prepaid card ownership is safer than carrying cash even in the case of theft or loss; the Visa Card zero liability coverage protects unauthorized usage of your card.
  • Direct deposit: You can access your money faster with direct deposit by depositing your pay checks directly into your account.
  • Guaranteed approval: No required credit check or fees to obtain an Upside Visa Card. Any person who wants this card can just apply for it right here online. 


The Upside Prepaid Visa Card was created with the aim of performing traditional banking functions without the need for a checking or savings account. Upside Visa is the only card that offers the flexibility of an online account with lowered fees for high school and college students. The Visa Upside also offers a number of rewards and benefits to the cardholders. The card offers a points system which can be converted into cash after a certain number of points are earned. Once the card holder gets 2,000 points it directly gets converted to $20 and credited to the cardholders account.

The Upside cardholder can earn points each time they use the card. When the Upside card is activated online the card holder earns 500 points and an additional 500 points are credited for signing up with direct deposit. Cardholders are also earn an incredible 15% cash back each time they shops online using the Upside card. The card can be used worldwide wherever Visa debit cards are accepted. This card is also very safe and secure even in the event of loss or theft, all transactions are covered under the Visa zero liability clauses [learn more]. This prevents any unauthorized usage of the card. Parents are also able to completely track their child’s spending and they are notified when the balance is low.