Walmart Money Card Review :

Everybody knows Walmart as the super retail chain, but a lesser known fact is that these stores also offer a Walmart moneycard. This prepaid card acts just like a debit card and is can be used anywhere that Visa debit accepted.

Features of Walmart MoneyCard Visa:

  • No credit check: applying for a prepaid card really can’t be easier than this! You are 100% guaranteed approval and there is no credit check or bank account required.
  • Free direct deposit: avoid check cashing fees and get your money faster than a regular checking account. You will also avoid the often outrageous check cashing fees.
  • Easily Reloaded: a major strength of the card is the Walmart network of stores. The moneycard can be easily reloaded with cash across the counter at any location by just swiping your Wal-Mart money card. You can also cash a part of your payroll or government cheque at any Wal-Mart store with no reloading fees waived.
  • Safety: Using a prepaid card is a very safe option when compare to using cash. If the card is ever lost or stolen, you will be protected by the Visa Zero liability policy and not be responsible for any unauthorized charges on the card. In case of loss or theft of the card you can call 1-877-937-4098 and report it so that the company can help you retrieve your card.


Today with the advent of the prepaid industry there are many different cards available in the market, but still the Walmart MoneyCard Visa offers some of the best values due to its simple usage and unique features mentioned above. The Wal-Mart money card can be used anywhere in the world that Visa debit is accepted. All the Walmart financial products are insured by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) making them safer and secure than ever before. This is why the Walmart MoneyCard is one of the most popular prepaid cards on the market and continually getting the best feedback from customers.