Wester Union MoneyWise Prepaid MasterCard Review :

The Western Union MoneyWise Prepaid MasterCard is a prepaid debit card that acts just like a regular credit card. The only difference is that you can only spend the amont of money that you put on the card. Prepaid cards are great because they allow all of the same benefits of having a regular checking account or credit card, but you never have to worry about making payments, overdraft fees, late fees, or standing in long lines at the bank ever again. The Western Union prepaid card is very popular due to you being able to reload the card at any Western Union location.

Western Union MoneyWise Features:

  • Manage your money online – Western Union offers a great website where you can login and manage your money. Look at your transaction history, transfer the balance, or load more funds.
  • 4 Ways to Reload the Card – You can select direct deposit, use a Western Union Money Transfer, add cash at any Western Union location, or transfer funds from a regular banking account.
  • MasterCard Zero Liability – if your card is ever lost or stolen you are protected under the zero liability policy. Just report the issue to their customer service and you will not be responsible for any of the funds that were lost.
  • Almost Zero Fees – Some prepaid cards look to make money off of outrageous fees, but this is not the card with the Western Union MasterCard. There are no monthly maintenance, transaction, or overdraft fees.

Western Union Prepaid Card Review

The Western Union MoneyWise MasterCard is a great prepaid card that allows you to manage your money just like a regular checking account. There are very low fees with this card and it’s amazing that they do not charge anything for using the card each month. Normally companies only waive this fee if you select direct deposit, but Western Union has waived them completely. This would make a great first time prepaid card if you have never had one before. You can sign up for SMS text message alerts with balance information and get free customer support over the phone.