MasterCard Vanilla Card Balance & Help

The Vanilla Card is the perfect universal gift card one can use anywhere MasterCard is accepted. Unfortunately, these cards are non re-loadable and are not able to be used at an ATM.  You may find yourself needing to check the balance.

Here is How:

Helpful Mastercard Vanilla Facts:

  • Vanilla cards are available both as prepaid gift cards and reward cards
  • Cards are non-reloadable and non-returnable
  • Pin number is not required with this prepaid
  • Available Amounts: $25-$50-$100
  • May not be used for reoccuring billing
NOTE:  In compliance with federal law, card holders will experience a recurring $2.50 monthly service charge beginning during the 7th month following purchase activation. *Effective on Vanilla cards purchased after 9/22/2010. Please View Cardholder Agreement for specific inquiries.


  • bonnie says:

    our customer gave us his card # for a purchase but we can not process. Online shows the account History has $100.00 and the card has been registed on line and says card can be used for purchases immediately.

  • wadedavis says:


    Is this purchase being made online? If so the customer may need to register a name and address with Customer Service.

    Hopefully this helps. If not please let us know and we can be of further assistance to you.

  • shawn says:

    May this card this be used to make purchases online?

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