Walmart Money Card Balance Check & Customer Support

Walmart makes checking the balance of the money card very easy as well as getting in touch with customer service. You have three options to check the balance or manage your account by logging online, calling by phone, or visiting any Walmart location [locator]. Previously you were only able to call a 1-800 number to check the balance, but the upgraded website has made it much easier for consumers. Make sure that you log into your account frequently to manage all of your transactions on a regular basis.

If you have a serious issue with the card such as the card being stolen or questions regarding your balance, we recommend that you visit a financial center or call customer service. Sometimes it’s much easier to talk to someone, rather wait for an email response online. If you are looking to get your Walmart Money Card you can get instantly approved for one now.

Here is the Walmart Money Card Login Page

  • Online –  check your balance online by going to the link here. Then login to your account and check your account history, pay bills, or file a chargeback.
  • Phone – you can also call the customer service at 1-877-937-4098 and the company’s customer service representatives will be more than ready to provide you with the required information.
  • In-store – visit the Walmart store closest to you [Walmart locator] and head to the financial counter to check the balance of your money card or add more funds to the card.
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  • KIM DIVAN says:

    i had to change my pass word and my id no. i know my user id. tried to get a new password and they gave me a temp. the problem is it doesn’t work. would like to get a new password and a new id all at once. don’t know how to go about this. can you send me a e-mail telling me how to go about this with out all the problems. thanks

  • Vicki says:

    Got a new card in mail and its been activated thou trying to Bring that page up to change some nfo that’s there. Will you send me the right email address or page to do this on SO I CAN SEE STATEMENT AND BALANCE OF CARD??

  • Dorian says:

    I found out that green dot handles and maintains their website and if you ever need technical support I have that number for a real person who can provide live support 24hrs. Their number is 866-871-2415. Good luck!

  • I went to the site to get send an email and called the number and they hung up on me im very pissed and will be looking into another card I have money on my card and cant even use it no one will answer my questions and im very upset at walmart

  • Jacquelyn Bittner says:

    ive been on the phone with customer care for 15 mins not getting through to anyone i cant activate my card online either. someone needs to do something before 1130 tonight because i am very aggravated with this phone call and website. why is it taking so long on the phone and why wont it let me activate it on the compu

  • dorothy says:

    I have been having a really bad time with walmart they blocked my card after i had my refund check deposited they started asking for all these documents to proof it was actually my card,and stuff and i have been dealing with them since march 7 sending them all the required documantation and meanwhile i cant even use my card, really unhappy with this card, my refund has already been posted but i cant touch it really annoying

  • Abdullah Ali says:

    I started a Money Card yesterday and tried to trasfer $2500.00 from BOA to my new money card yesterday. It said that the transation went threw. But today BOA email says it did not go threw. I have been trying all evening to get the walmart money card page to open but with no result. i have tried to call walmart money card since 8pm but they are CLOSED. Can you help. A. Ali

  • Abdullah Ali says:

    My comment is awaiting MODERATION ? What does this mean ?

  • Demetri Sapp says:

    I am a very dissatisfied customer because my cards have been cancelled due to so called excessive loading. As explained to walmart representative on yesterday 3/28/12 the card was loaded times 3 on 3/15/12 due to me being stuck at an airport for 2 days due to airline mishaps. My family had to load my card for me to pay extra booking fees due to the airlines mishaps.Not to mention I just purchased a new card less than a month ago that has been cancelled with no kind of restitution.Therefore I do not recommend this card to anyone and I do not recommend renewing any cards either because this is a fraud.

  • M Randle says:

    The Walmart Money card customer services is the WORST!!!!!!!! It took me a week to get funds off of my card due to a mix up on the phone line with a so call represenative. Because the customer service rep did not know her job she accidentially reported my card stolen! Then I had ot wait 7-10 business days to get new card and by that time I got the card charges like fees for new cards fee and having account had taken $6.00 of my money. My family did not have funds to live on and I had no way of getting money off the card. My direct deposit went to this account. Go somewhere else for prepaid cards! Please don’t use Walmart Money card it is a big FRAUD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • M Randle says:

    Also I could not acess the walmart web page and was promised a call! Still waiting!

  • jimmy hodges says:

    walmart BIG TIME sucks they lost my money and now im out nine hundred bucks. Fuck them.

  • Bob Towne says:

    I, as well as many others, have not liked the computer driven system which usually takes way too much time and then drops you. I HAD SPENT OVER ONE HOUR TRYING…FINALLY SUCCESS! ON ACTIVATING MY TEMPORARY CARD?

  • Deb says:

    found out that green dot handles and maintains their website and if you ever need technical support I have that number for a real person who can provide live support 24hrs. Their number is 866-871-2415. Good luck!
    The best info I could have found Thank you! Thank you! thank you!

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