• marta gutierrez says:

    how took my money out of my card with out tell me i need to know soon

  • marta gutierrez says:

    who took my money from the card with out telling me i had 30.00 dallors on there let me who took it

  • montana says:

    i cannot log into my account no matter what i try and this comes after an email i sent becuse it has been 17 days since they told me 48 hours since they would contact me about a dispute

  • Bridget Jones says:

    i have been having an hard time with my name on my account with yall it is bridget d. jones not bridgett d.jones-broussard. also i never set-up an account on-line but it is as tho i didc and i’ve been having an hard time trying to reset my username and password even tho i call and talk to an agent and she reset my info and sent me an e-mail i still haven’t been able to reset anything

  • I want to know will i have any problem with my debit card, i see many comments made concerning their account, i in the future, everything is legal, because i would hate to have a problem with my money, if so i will report this company.

  • The netspend log on has been down for five(5)days unable to view my account,and don’t want to pay the cost of calling.

  • yeah i just tried to log into my account and it want let me even with new pass pin ive called and ran it again with no success i tried to log on to your web site and it said it was shut down tell me something quick!

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