Target American Express Gift Card Review

The Target American Express Gift Card is an American Express prepaid gift card available through Target Superstore locations. This card can be used anywhere American Express is accepted in the U.S., including some online retailers. These cards are not reloadable and cannot be used for recurring payments or ATM withdrawals.

Associated Fees:

Most American Express Gift Cards require a one time activation fee. Fees vary for individual retailers and it is best to check with your nearest Target store for more information on associated fees. Once card is activated, no monthly or dormancy fees will be applied.

Where can I buy a Target American Express Gift Card?

Target American Express gift cards are available for purchase at select Target retailers. For more information, please contact your local Target store.

How do I check my balance on a Target American Express Gift Card?

Balances of Target American Express Gift Cards, as well as all American Express gift cards can be accessed online here. It is important to have your card number, expiration date and CVV number in order to check your current balance.


  • Mike M. says:

    Another corporate banking rip off of the American public. I have had nothing but problems with this card. I set up the AMEX account to receive funds from my bank account, but when I transferred money, American Express charged a fee of 25.00 for the funds transfer. It also took almost 9 days for a transfer to post to the AMEX account. I understand I may be guilty of not reading the fine print, but when the large print implies there are no additional fees, then I feel I am being lied to. In addition, whenever I try to use the card to purchase items, AMEX places a hold on large sums of my balance. I know this may be a standard practice for credit cards, but this is an account that is funded via a cash balance, not a credit balance, and therefore I should not have holds placed on my money.

  • cardshark says:

    This review is factually wrong or at least outdated. As of 5/8/2012, The American Express Target Card can both be reloaded with cash at most Target stores (hence the co-promotion) for $3, sort of like those $5 Green Dot cash reloads for many other prepaid debit cards, but cheaper. You can use the American Express Target Card to withdraw money from an ATM, although AMEX will charge you $3 for the ATM fees in addition to whatever the ATM owner charges you. The relatively high ATM fees is one downside to all American Express prepaid cards (Serve, Bluebird, American Express Prepaid Card, and the American Express Target Card); however, the latter AMEX prepaid cards only charge $2 for ATM withdrawals in addition to what the ATM owner charges as opposed to $3 for the American Express Target Card. Unlike MasterCard and Visa, AMEX doesn’t have a partnership with major ATM networks or banks. So there are no surcharge free AMEX ATM networks. Another downside of the AMEX prepaid cards is that you can’t get cash back with your purchases and there are no cash rewards for making purchases credit purchases with the card. The AMEX cards are attractive with their very low fee structure and lack of monthly maintenance fees.

    You can get cash back with purchases and cash rewards with a PayPal Debit MasterCard. The method to get cash rewards with the PayPal Debit MasterCard is unnecessarily convoluted for a 1 % reward and requires you to establish both PayPal and EBay accounts and link the two together and respond to a confirmation email. It’s a little tedious and off-putting, but it does work. Awards begin to accrue about the month after your purchases and you can’t withdrawal them until accumulate at least $1.00 in rewards.

    Mike M. raises a good point about the $25 charge when reloading the American Express Target Card. AMEX’s other prepaid cards, such as Bluebird and the American Express Prepaid Card, specifically state in their T & C language that the minimum amount that can be loaded on a card is $25. AMEX doesn’t have this language in the T & C statement for the American Express Target Card. If you reloaded this card at a Target store with cash, I think you could put less than $25 on it. Mike M. reloaded via ACH bank transfer, so that may be different, but AMEX should have stated that in its T & C statement.

    It shouldn’t take 9 days to transfer money to any prepaid card, unless the cardholder hasn’t completed the initial bank account trial deposit verification, which does take a few days and then he or she needs to make the initial funds transfer after verification.

    Most prepaid cards have some sort of partial account hold or authorization if you make a signature credit purchase or if you make certain types of transactions, such as buying gas at a pump card swipe reader. Signature credit transactions are considered less secure than PIN point of sale transactions, because anyone can sign your name and most places do not ask for ID or they may just allow you to swipe & go. Authorizations for transactions like pump swipe gas purchases are standard merchant operating procedure, but they should clear out in about 3 days max. It’s just to make sure that a customer doesn’t get the entire benefit of the good or service purchased without having at least some of the required payment available upfront. It’s not a credit card, where the merchant can ding your credit report if you don’t pay up, so the merchant needs to have a means of making sure you have some cash upfront.

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