Target Visa Gift Card Review

The Target Visa Gift Card is a prepaid gift card now available at many Target locations . The card can be used anywhere Visa debit is accepted in the U.S. and online at some retailers. Target Visa Gift Cards are not reloadable and cannot be used for recurring payments or ATM withdrawals.

Associated Fees:

The only fee associated with the Target Visa Gift Card is an initial activation charge. However, there are no service or monthly maintenance fees.

  • $4.00 charge for $25 gift card
  • $5.00 charge for $50 gift card
  • $6.00 charge for $100 gift card

Where can I buy a Target Visa Gift Card?

Target Visa Gift Cards are available for purchase at select Target locations. For a full list of participating stores, please click here.

How do I check the balance on my Target Visa Gift Card?

The balance of your Target Visa Gift Card can be obtained online here. It is important to have your card number, expiration date and CVV number available in order to retrieve your balance.


  • I have four Cards with a Use By Date of 4/19 A Ragegular $50 Card, #4241 3600 8599 7756 And three with a (Red Bow) Cards #4718 4903 6562 2685 — 4718 4920 9210 1009 and #4718 4920 3855 4410 I need to Know what is the Ballance available. And If I Buy on the Computer, will extend my “Expires By:” Date? Please respond. Thank You

  • jessie ba says:

    can you use a target visa gift card in places and websites other than target like amazon? plz reply

    • alexgould says:

      Hey Jessie,
      Yes you can use the Target Visa Gift Card anywhere Visa is accepted. That includes online and in store.

  • Raj says:

    We are very unhappy with Target e-gift card, we received the e-gift card for my son birthday in 2010 we are about to use and its saying wrong card number. When we called target customer service after 2 hours they find out they dont have that database exists. For that reason we lost our money. They are not good in maintaining their database properly.

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